We are back!

And just like that... we are back in Beijing. This city that we currently call home welcomed us back with cold weather and a blanket of pollution that covered the sky in every visible direction. Nevertheless, we had a truly brilliant holiday. It was such a blessing to escape Beijing’s winter and have some down [...]

And the winners are…

As you may recall, last week I spent a splendid evening at a Chinese cooking class. In connection with this event I ran a giveaway for everyone on our email list. I can now reveal that the winners of the Chinese cooking giveaway are: 1) Laeticia B (Sichuan recipe collection) 2) Joanna S (Yunan recipe [...]

What I wish I knew before I started blogging

If you happened to pay a visit to this blog over the weekend you would have observed strange goings-on. What was the cause of such great malfunction? It was my failing to do something that I really should have done prior to embarking upon my blogging journey. I should have started out self hosting my [...]


This week was a special week, I got to do something that I have wanted to do for quite some time now. I attended a Chinese cooking class at The Hutong. My attempts to rally a companion to accompany me failed and so not wanting to miss out, I kisssd my daughters goodnight, left my [...]

The day I took my daughters to a job interview

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, I applied for a writing job that I was really excited about. I look after my two daughters during the day so an office based job is somewhat out of the question. This job, however, caught my eye because it held the promise of being [...]

The stroller and the stairs

Every once in a while we pass by the apartment complex in which we formerly resided. It was a decent place and we have a lot of fond memories of the time we spent in that home. However, there is one aspect of that apartment complex that I absolutely do not miss-the stairs. It was [...]

Back at playgroup

I am now back on the wagon. I have managed to galvanize myself and recommence going to a playgroup on the other side of the city. Prior to our trip to the UK last summer, we had been regular attendees. However, somewhere between brutal jet lag, extreme fatigue and morning sickness I lost momentum. However, [...]

Gender reveal: To tell or not to tell? Now that is the question

As I shared in a previous post (Having an ultrasound in a Chinese hospital), at our last hospital visit my husband and I opted to find out the sex of the baby. This knowledge and the fact that people know that we possess this knowledge has led to many unexpected reactions that I did not [...]

“Wow, you live in China! What’s your Chinese like?”

“Well, I don’t like to brag but I’m pretty much fluent. There’s a few tricky words that I’ve been struggling with but by next week I’ll have conquered them. Then I’ll be able to cross ‘master the Chinese language’ off of my to do list.” Everyone was speechless as they silently marveled at my incredible [...]

A bittersweet day at the airport

Ladies and gentlemen, my sister has left the building. My daughters and I sent her off in style with a personal escort to the airport. We waved goodbye until she was out of sight and then we turned and walked away (Actually, I was technically the only one who was walking. The girls were sitting [...]